The fastest cloud server for Business.

Experience our next generation, faster-than-SSD cloud servers with a 100% uptime SLA.

A Cloud That Grows With You

Use the Devops Tools You Love

Speed Like No One Else

AMD's Throttle Engine Power

High, consistent performance.

Easy and flexible scaling


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All cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware. You will get industry-leading performance at all times.

Deploy in 45 Seconds.

All cloud servers are by default deployed with NVMe storage technology, allowing you to create and boot up new cloud servers in just 45 seconds.

Snapshots & scheduled backups

Instantly create or schedule periodic backups. Using true snapshots, backups are created in a blink of an eye and can be restored almost as quickly depending on your storage size.

Server cloning

Easily set up a staging environment by cloning one of your cloud servers or storage devices. Convert it into a template and automate your deployments.

Faster-than-SSD with NVMe's

NVMe’s is our proprietary storage technology, built on enterprise-grade SSDs but up to 2x faster compared to industry-standard cloud servers.

Native IPv6 Support

All of our cloud servers can be deployed with or have an IPv6 address added, completely free of charge. Future-proof your business today!

Private networking across the globe

All our data centers are interconnected allowing you to create highly available, multi-geolocation applications without a single point of failure.

Latest AMD CPUs

With the latest AMD processors, you will always get high performance no matter the workload, both single and multi-threaded.

InfiniBand networking

We utilize InfiniBand networking for maximum throughput and minimum latency. It is the most commonly used interconnect in supercomputers since 2014.


Secure your environment with our highly configurable firewall, allowing or blocking traffic before it even reaches your servers.

More Power & Freedom

We designed the server to meet your unique needs — We won't limit you or hold you back.

Unparalleled Speed

Thanks to Next Gen NVMe Storage technology, accelerated networks, and next-gen processors, our servers are ready for SSH in less than 45 seconds.

Full Root Access, Full Control

Get Full root access to instances. Login via SSH.

Servers That Scale With You

Change your server automatically with OpenStack-compatible API requests via command line tools and common programming libraries.

A Cloud That Grows With You

All code is open source. We’ll even help you migrate to your own private cloud when the time comes.

Powered by Linux Operating Systems.

We have you back with the most favorite Linux operating systems. May it be Ubuntu, Debian, Cent-OS, Fedora etc. Yes! Now you can run it on instances, or bring your own OS.

Easily deploy and scale

Run your Favorite Scripts or API's without any restriction.

Additional Services

You can choose from our additional cloud services for storage and code backups

Bucket Storage

Object Storage


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