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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software provides and cover variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing real-time view of your data and processes. ERP also streamline every department workflows for better decision making and growth.

  1. Seamless Integration & de-compartmentalization of different departments to abolish communication gaps.
  2. Converged techno-commercial information for scientific & quick decision making.
  3. Improve alignment of strategies and operations
  4. Improve productivity and insight
  5. Reduce costs
  6. Support changing industry requirements
  7. Reduce risk
  8. Improve financial management and corporate governance
  9. Retain top performers
  10. Accuracy
  11. Improvement in efficiency
  12. Cost reduction through increased flexibility
  13. Reduction in manpower
  14. Auto generated online MIS
  15. Financial gains and losses
  16. Variance analysis
  17. Historical comparisons
  18. Additional advantages
  19. Formidable user administration
  20. Dynamic search from database
  21. Minimizes paper work
  22. Sales: Sales Automation is very vital and indispensable feature that enables an enterprise to go beyond the traditional methods. The complete sales cycle right from enquiry, order placement, scheduling of taken orders, dispatching and invoicing to that of warehousing, and report analyzing are provided through ERP. Apart from automation it also helps in integrating Inventory, Production Planning & Finance.
  23. Purchase: Purchasing involves several parameters like inviting quotations, placing orders; scheduling orders and billing. In this ERP, web development module order tracking and handling information related to imports is made easy. Purchase is also integrated with Inventory, Finance & Production Planning.
  24. Inventory: Inventory is all about Stock management and valuation activities. Tracking of dispatches, receipts and other stock movement is provided here. Integrating Inventory with Sales, Purchase, Finance, Customer Care, Equipment Maintenance, Production Planning simplifies the entire management process.
  25. Finance: Streaming of financial operations and integrating with Sales, Purchase, Finance, Customer Care, and Equipment Maintenance helps in maintaining complete track on every movement of the company. All journal, balance sheet, general ledger, trial balance, profit & loss statement and other transactional reports are recorded here which can be generated anytime.
  26. Human Resource: There are widespread HR activities in a company. ERP web development module can be used in reporting and maintaining employee database. It also incorporates payroll activities that help in generating income tax plans for all the employees.
  27. Production Planning: Production planning means optimum utilization of available resources. The amount of raw material to be used as input, procurement time of it, and capacity of the machine can be easily assimilated through an ERP website.
  28. Customer Care: An ERP website offers features that help in after sales services, maintaining customer database, guarantee and warranty period information, recording complaints which can be tracked any time.
  29. Production: Enterprise resource plan synchronizes the actual production and the planned production. Elements of downtime, consumption are easily analyzed.
  30. Shares: ERP Web Design helps in managing companies share accounting details. Duplicate share certificate issues, consolidations, splits of shares are certain details that are covered. Share certificates, dividend warrants and correspondence letters can also be printed and managed in an ERP web design.        
  31. Equipment Maintenance: ERP website incorporates equipment maintenance and integrates it with inventory and finance. Machinery maintenance details can be recorded and generated.

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