Terms & Conditions

  1. Dotdev Technology purchase/ buy domain/domains with business privacy protection. (DNSSEC). The Client must pays for domain price, plus DNSSEC pricing in total, at time of purchase/ renewal.

  2. Dotdev technology set domain to Locked (Domain Security) to protect domain from transfer out.

  3. Dotdev Technology host domain in a common pool. Dotdev technology will/shall not share domain login panel to the client whatsoever. All the payment must be paid to Dotdev technology for renewal/purchase of domains.

  4. In case the client do not want to renew the domain on or before the expiration date, the domain will be not be renewed, and it will auto expire. Client shall be responsible for domain loss.

  5. If the client do not have the amount to pay to Dotdev at the time of renewal but would like to continue the service then, Dotdev technology can renew the domain service on the client’s behalf. A fee of 5% is charged extra, on the total amount – for the service. The outstanding balance must be cleared within 30 days.

  6. In case the client do not pay/fail to pay the amount after the domain renewal in advance, Dotdev Technology shall remove all the services (Website + Business email) after 30 days.

  7. If the client decide to transfer the domain to another registrar, a fee of 1 year must be paid to Dotdev Technology to set out the transfer. Domain Transfer code shall be provided to the client after the successful payment.

  8. In case the client agrees to renew the domain after expiration, the client must pay a full fee of recovery to Dotdev technology. (if domain is subject to availability).

  9. Dotdev shall remind client 39 days in prior at the time of domain expiration. The Client must renew the domain on priority to continue the services.

  10. Domain pricing may subject to change at time of renewal.
  11. Expiration of domain will result in website down, and deletion of business email.

  1. Dotdev Technology own the technology of Cloud servers and shall not provide any details to clients or company with whom the client is associated for any kind of development of software or apps.

  2. A client must ensure proper knowledge in Linux programming.

  3. A client will be provided with SSH Login details, root details and password upon purchase of the cloud Servers.

  4. There will be no Dashboard for the cloud. Cloud can be only accessed via SSH terminal.

  5. Client must let us know the operating system he/she require to run the codes.

  6. Cloud comes in different configuration and size. If client decides to upgrade the configuration an additional fee shall be incurred for the same.

  7. Pricing are subject to change without prior notice.

  8. All payment must be made to Dotdev technology in Advance to avoid deletion of services.

  9. Clouds relies on complete automation technology. Failing to renew shall result in immediate deletion. Dotdev technology will not be able to recover or run back the codes.

  10. Cloud instance snapshot can be made with additional fee.

  11. Cloud comes with default firewall but client must ensure proper security by adding proper security measures.

  12. For security reason we have blocked port no 25.

  13. Cloud do not comes with email server. Client must use g suite, zoho email etc to run email management.

  14. We can back up all your work on cloud at additional fee.

  15. Bucket storage can be purchased with additional fee.

  16. Private IP can be purchased with additional fee.

  17. The cloud is remote so Dotdev technology do have any access to data on our servers. Client is responsible to take all measures to run, deploy and sure the instance.

  18. In case client need assistance to deploy codes on cloud server, dotdev technology can assist the client with an additional fee.

  19. Cloud instance can be deleted completely, for which a client must pay a fee with written email mentioning the reason for deletion of the instance.

  20. In case of misuse of the cloud technology in illegal activity, spamming, sexual content hosting, Dotdev technology shall immediately delete /remove all the data and block the instance without prior notice.

  21. Cloud are subjected to Threshold Bandwidth. There is no unlimited bandwidth quota. Once your bandwidth threshold expires, an additional fees shall be deducted from your balance per 100Mb/ hr.

  22. We charge client on usage of network across global center.